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Cocoa Amore Cocoa Mixes

Rich, creamy, and fully satisfying. Cocoa Amore® Hot Cocoa sets the industry standard for what a mixed cocoa should be. Combining the finest cocoa powder with the freshest milk ingredients, the proof really is in the taste. Your customers will come to love the thick, full-bodied finish in every cup.

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The Twelve Cocoas of Christmas by Cocoa Amore
The Twelve Cocoas of Christmas by Cocoa Amore

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Warm up your holiday profits with this exclusive and very nicely wrapped gift that features our best selling flavors of Cocoa Amore premium cocoa.
Cocoa Amore Caramel Packet Sleeves
Cocoa Amore Caramel

The gooey, sweetness of buttery caramel blended together with rich milk chocolate cocoa leaves you wanting more.
Cocoa Amore S'mores Packet Sleeves
Cocoa Amore S'mores

Chocolate, graham crackers and contains tiny marshmallows!
Cocoa Amore Packet Sleeves
Cocoa Amore Creme Brulee

Taste the custard and the caramel in every sip of this traditional dessert drink!
Holiday Cocoa Amore Variety Pack by Cocoa Amore
Holiday Cocoa Variety Pack by Cocoa Amore

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This Holiday Cocoa Variety Pack is sure to warm you up this Christmas. The Cocoa Amore Holiday Pack features a festive wreath and snowman. Contains five single serving packets of our award winning gourmet cocoa: (2) Winter Wonderland, Candy Cane, Santa's S'mores and Comet's Caramel.
Cocoa Amore Packet Sleeves
Cocoa Amore French Vanilla

A hint of fresh vanilla beans fills the air as you enjoy a mug of rich cocoa that warms your body and soul.
Cocoa Amore Raspberry Packet Sleeves
Cocoa Amore Raspberry

Inhale the fresh, sweet aroma of sun-kissed raspberries as you delight in the taste of rich creamy cocoa, tinged with a light raspberry flavor.
Cocoa Amore Packet Sleeves
Cocoa Amore Supreme

Rich, creamy, and satisfying - everything a cocoa should be!

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